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Have you competed and won at any shows in the North West of England this year?

If so, check out our points scheme page.  At the bottom of the page it shows the number of points the top 8 horses in each section have won so far this year.  There are a coupe of shows left this season and great awards to be won.








About Us

Sport Horse Breeding in the North West is based in the North West of England.

Our parent organisation is Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain (SHB(GB)), a professional Society run by a Council elected annually by its members, who are able to put forward their ideas about what they want from the Society.

As a Member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses the society is committed to supporting the industry by way of incentives for breeders, education, information and grading schemes. It is a registered charity and the money raised is put back into helping to achieve these aim