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Training Clinic – Crow Wood Equestrian Centre

Sunday 18th February 2018

There was a missed opportunity for those that were not able to attend our clinic on Sunday.  It is not often that trainers of the calibre of Katie Jerram-Hunnable, Chris Hunnable and Andrew Collins are available together in the North West.

Katie and Chris did the flat work, tack and presentation in the indoor school, whilst Andrew was busy outside on the jumping section.  From the gallery it was obvious the improvement of horses, ponies and riders during each phase.  Many combinations went home with food for thought and enthusiasm for the coming show season.

The event was well organised by Rosemarie Rainford and it was good to see several spectators that just came to watch and learn.  We have received some seriously good feedback and we look to consider doing something similar again.

In the afternoon there was an optional competition to allow the morning training to be put into practice.  The results of which are as follows:
Horses: 1st Carla Wraith, 2nd Heather Hardy
Ponies: 1st Ellie Eastwood, 2nd Lauren Haufe, 3rd Sydney Graham



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